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Southern New Jersey 

German Shepherd Dog Club

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SNJGSDC Show Results June 3, 2007


GSD's Bred  to Herd

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 Objectives and Purposes of the Club.


 Table of Contents

Awards Plaque

Members GSD's title(s), owners and pictures 

Photo Album 

 Pictures of member GSD's

Member Profile

 Autobiographies of members and/or their GSD's

Club History

 All about what happened from the beginning

Featured Stories

Precious  stories about some of our beloved GSD's

Our Breeders

 Breeder information first hand 

Our Club

 Background information about our Club


 A listing  of  favorite sites on the World Wide Web

 Everything you need to know about GSD's

Working Dogs

Pictures of our GSD's "Working Out"


 Members boasting about our GSD's


We are accepting applications for Membership ... Act now and get into the action!

Membership Chairman: Stephanie Bennet

 Home # 609-927-7134

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