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Southern New Jersey 

German Shepherd Dog Club 

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Bred to Herd


       Our first Member Web Site is authored by Stephanie Bennet. 

     This is an extraordinary site titled Welcome to Corolla German Shepherds!    

               Author                                                              Title                                                                    Link

          Stephanie Bennet                                  Corolla German Shepherds             

          John Whitney                                        ODIN                                                 

Jeanne Carlisle *                                   Dedication to Steph Bennet             

John  Whitney                                       Odin - ASCA Trial                                    ASCA Trial

John Whitney                                        Odin - Intermediate Trial                            Intermediate Trial


"There are two slide shows of photos from this event -- one of winners' photos, and another of candids and gaiting photos.  Both are dedicated to Stephanie Bennet.  Click here to link to the slide show page."  by Jeanne Carlilse